Writing Resources

Critters.org online critique forum
As seen on Salon.com, Critters.org has been one of the web’s largest spec-fic critique communities since 1995.
PDF guides to writing on TheWritersMentor.com
Zimbio: The Peoples Guide to Fiction Writing
Many helpful articles, links, and services.
101 Writing Answers
If you are in need of writing resources of any kind, this site will point you in the right direction.
A writing newsletter by Barbara Warren
Free newsletter by a professional editor.
Writers Tips, News & Resources
A free newsletter by We-Publish.com
Resources for freelance writers
Freelance jobs Search Engine , self-employment freelance jobs portal, and freelancing employment directory and home-based small business resources for graphic designers, artists, writers, programmers, and more.
Thousands of articles and interviews with authors and publishing professionals.
Articles for writers
Global Authors Publications — a page of short and various writing tips.
Cache Glades Recommended Reading List
A list of helpful, good books on style, good writing, and getting published.
Recommend Directory: Nonfiction resources on the Web
Recommend Directory Friendly
The Bedford Researcher: Nonfiction Resources for Specific Disciplines
List of science fiction cliches on CThreePO.com
Many of these cliches are USED in good books, or even movies. The first time, great! The next time, not so great. The hundredth time – it is overused.
Christian writers web resources
POD-dy Mouth
Blog on the POD industry, POD successes and recommendations for good POD books. If you are thinking of print-on-demand, VISIT THIS SITE.
Turkey City Lexicon
Please, please read this. Your editor, agent or publisher will kiss you for it. (Tip: skim the intro, read the lexicon. Enjoy.)
Absolute Write Water Cooler
Forum for writers and editors — ask your various and sundry questions here and get (usually) helpful, quick advice from other writers.
For hundreds of literary agents, book publishers, writing competitions, and magazines, visit firstwriter.com. Submit to the online magazine for free.
Miss Snark, the Literary Agent
An anonymous NYC agent’s blog. The most snarkticulate advice for writers on the web. Warning: you’ll be at the computer for an hour.
MLA style reference for academic writing
There are lots of these on the web. This one is easy on the eyes.
Dehanna Bailee
Romance and non-fiction author’s site full of helpful tips and links.
Daily Kos
Did I say that writers’ time is better spent on writing than on reading blogs? The Daily Kos and Miss Snark are special. Helpful introduction to what copyeditors do.
Writers’ resource center and links to freelancers
The Electric Editors
Resource for freelance writers and editors
Comprehensive resources, including software, tools, techniques, links and articles about eBook publishing.

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