When a network works

Declan Burke, an Irish author I hadn’t heard of until today, is a great example of either (a) a writer with lots of quality friends who diligently read his blog; (b) a writer who is about to be inordinately successful with his forthcoming self-published noir novel; or (c) both.

While self-immersing in a Cat 5 data stream, looking for self-publishing trends, I happened upon Burke’s blog, Crime Always Pays. Recently, he blogged his decision to self-publish A GONZO NOIR. The manuscript must be solid enough, judging by its blurb from John Banville and the number of near-misses in the traditional publishing industry. Good for him, I thought; then, scrolling down, found no fewer than 15 comments from his friends, each one ordering multiple copies of his book. Holy cow.

Maybe he is just that good, and his friends know it. Or maybe it’s Ireland; I lived there for a summer, and many people were unusually blithe about spending money to be nice. I know for certain, however, here on the tail end of a day’s research, that I haven’t seen a blog work so well or so immediately for a writer anywhere else. Good luck, Declan!

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