New service: The $200 layout!

Page layout by Phillip Gessert

Ebook design by Phillip Gessert

Page layout for novels & ebooks:

Threepenny’s partner and pro book designer Phillip Gessert has developed a new, trimmer approach to page layout. It lets us do the biggest design job in publishing at a third of the normal cost. For novels, we can do ebook+print layout for $200. They’re bundled because Phillip builds them both in tandem.

The quality is comparable with his custom work, but certain arbitrary or atypical details are not possible, which is why it’s only offered for novels at the moment. This is mainly a new offering for writers who might otherwise be considering Createspace formatting or DIY.

And we can (and do) still build books using the fully custom method, if your needs and budget permit. E-mail us today for more information about all our design services, and find out what Phillip can do for your novel.

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