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New Edition of The Editor’s Lexicon!

I’m delighted to announce the 2nd edition of THE EDITOR’S LEXICON, a relaunch of my flagship writer’s guide in what will be a series of books aimed at helping writers put editorial feedback to work in their revisions. This one defines and explains the most common language you hear in critique letters and workshops, and it can help you become…

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More client successes to announce!

I’m pleased to share a round-up of good news for some of Threepenny Editor’s past and current clients. I’m especially happy for client Elie Axelroth, whose very first short story, “The Sound of Emptiness” was just published in The Packingdown Review. This spring also brought unexpected good news for poet and novelist Sweta Vikram, whose article will be adapted for national radio. Congratulations! Glenn Damato‘s…

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Indie Publishing: It takes a village?

I’ve said here and elsewhere, many times before, that it takes a lot of money to self-publish a book. You can write one for only the cost of your time, but to involve professional editors, designers, printers, and possibly even marketers is to commit several thousands of dollars of your own money to do it right. I make a living…

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