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Infographic: Three Kinds of Writing Success

Writing Success, Defined Every author struggles for writing success on three levels: career success, project success, and process success. I’ve seen writers spend YEARS trying to create writing career success before realizing that it is mostly out of their control. If you don’t find an editor, agent, and publisher who firmly understand your goals and vision, you might be setting yourself up for failure (both real and perceived). In any case,…

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More client successes to announce!

I’m pleased to share a round-up of good news for some of Threepenny Editor’s past and current clients. I’m especially happy for client Elie Axelroth, whose very first short story, “The Sound of Emptiness” was just published in The Packingdown Review. This spring also brought unexpected good news for poet and novelist Sweta Vikram, whose article will be adapted for national radio. Congratulations! Glenn Damato‘s…

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Deal announcement: Imprint of Simon & Schuster buys “The Regulars”!

We’re sending all the collective hip-hip-hoorays of the Internet writersphere to client Georgia Clark, whose second novel, THE REGULARS, sold last week in a preempt deal to Emily Bestler Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. It’s due out in 2016, but what a way to start 2015! I loved this manuscript for its whip-smart humor and clever premise: Three twenty-something women…

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