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The Cost of Editing a Book

In her Guardian article about self-publishing, Lisa Renee Jones estimates that to publish your own book well, the cost of editing is $6,000. She figures in all the costs, everything from $125 for the ISBN to $300 for buying review copies. By far, the largest expense she cites is $4,000 for editing. What do I think of the editing figure?…

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Book deal announcement! (Hint: We think it’ll be a bestseller.)

Congratulations to Threepenny’s client, author Karan Baraj, on his sale of THE YOGA OF MAX’S DISCONTENT (working title) to Penguin/Random House this summer. He is a bestselling author in India, and after working through two rounds of revision to his manuscript with The Threepenny Editor, succeeded in breaking into the US market. It’s slated for release in Spring 2015, and…

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