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Project 2015, Part 6: Earned Emotion

Earn Those Feels If you’re a writer, it should keep you up at night: the knowledge that readers will never lack a good book to read. If your own manuscript starts to go all flat and hollow, the reader can put it down and find something better. Who among us doesn’t have a long to-read list on Goodreads or the Kindle, or a good…

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More client successes to announce!

I’m pleased to share a round-up of good news for some of Threepenny Editor’s past and current clients. I’m especially happy for client Elie Axelroth, whose very first short story, “The Sound of Emptiness” was just published in The Packingdown Review. This spring also brought unexpected good news for poet and novelist Sweta Vikram, whose article will be adapted for national radio. Congratulations! Glenn Damato‘s…

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Project 2015, Part 5: Writer’s Block and Depression

I want to switch it up a little, and instead of talking about “doing” of writing, look at about the “being” of writing–specifically, writer’s block and depression. A longtime client wrote to me after a while of silence, asking a heartfelt and anguished question: “I can’t hear my characters anymore. What can I do?” The problem, she said, stemmed from a difficult bout…

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