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Infographic: Three Kinds of Writing Success

Writing Success, Defined Every author struggles for writing success on three levels: career success, project success, and process success. I’ve seen writers spend YEARS trying to create writing career success before realizing that it is mostly out of their control. If you don’t find an editor, agent, and publisher who firmly understand your goals and vision, you might be setting yourself up for failure (both real and perceived). In any case,…

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How to Use Publishers Marketplace When Querying

I often tell clients to invest $25 a month in a subscription when they begin querying. Unfortunately, though, this advice isn’t as intuitive as other querying advice (e.g., read the novels the agent represents, follow the submission guidelines, follow the #MSWL or #PitMad threads on Twitter). Here is a short Publishers Marketplace tutorial on how to get the most…

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