Our rates

How much does a book editor cost? What a great question!

You can get a sample editjust ask. We’ll do a test run on your opening pages to show you how good editing can transform and polish your writing. 

Line editing is custom-quoted and includes a deep line edit, margin notes, and a critique. Rates typically vary from $5 to $7 per 250 words. Once you sign a contract, half the total is due up front and half when the project is finished.

Manuscript critiques are $1,200 per one manuscript of up to 95,000 words. This editorial letter is usually 15-20 pages, and it includes about 200 chapter-by-chapter notes at the end of the letter to aid with scene-specific revisions. It’s great for writers with an early draft or an almost-finished draft that hasn’t gotten traction with agents. 

Revision checking is a shorter, less expensive read-through of manuscripts we have edited before. It includes a brief letter and phone call to discuss how well you’ve implemented changes. 

The Standout Edit evaluates your query letter, synopsis, and first 50 pages with an industry insider’s eye and helps your materials stand out from the slush pile, vastly improving your chances with agents and residencies. The service is tailored to your needs but averages around $300.

Short story editing pairs your short-form fiction with a specialist who has experience editing for top literary journals. A 20-page story usually costs around $175, but talk to us about your particular piece.

Full pre-publication services for self-publishing authors: Need more than a book editor? Just ask for our list of proven freelancers for book layout design, cover design, copywriting, or print advice consultation. Custom services are quoted on a per-project basis.

General consulting on query letters, synopses, and other materials is $75 per hour. Most query letters and synopses take about two hours to review and polish.

Our book, The Editor’s Lexicon: Essential Writing Terms for Novelists, is available on Amazon for $9.95, or on Kindle, iPad, and Nook for $4.99.

Not sure yet? Ask for a sample edit and proposal. Also, if you need more information about the difference between what critiques, developmental editing, substantive editing, and proofreading will do for your manuscript, read our helpful article here.

Note: The Threepenny Editor is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and abides by its code of ethics, the best-practices standard for every book editor. Our rates fall within the professional rate standards set by the EFA.