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The Threepenny Editor specializes in editing fiction and literary nonfiction.

We provide copyediting, manuscript critiques, developmental editing, and mentorship.

If you plan to self-publish, explore the site to learn about our many design services. Best of all, we offer free sample edits, and without exception, great editing.

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What people are saying.

Over the years, I have worked with several different editors. Sarah stands out for her professionalism, insight and knowledge of how to make all the moving parts work together.
Cindy Simmons
There are editors and then there's Sarah. Her input is like rocket fuel. She's good at everything. Big stuff and small. Structural issues and poignant character beats. All of it.
C.E. Tobisman
Working with Sarah took my writing career to the next level. She helped my manuscript thrive, & I learned SO MUCH along the way! She goes above & beyond - plus she's a delight!
Rewriting with Sarah guiding via her gentle yellow balloons is like growing a new lobe in my brain.
Stuart Hodes
Sarah's suggestions were very specific and made so much sense. She really has a rare gift--I've never worked with a more competent, imaginative editor before.
Karan Bajaj (Levine Greenberg Literary Agency)
Sarah's consistency, patience and dedication helped my novel achieve the highest editorial standard possible.
Linda Horowitz
Sarah's feedback is insightful, positive, and constructive. It has given me the direction I needed so badly.
Nicola Connolly
Hiring Sarah was the best investment we could have made! Thanks to her suggestions, our book has undergone a metamorphosis, emerging as a strong, solid, and marketable novel.
Shelley McClanahan
True beauty lies in the details! Much like a sculptor's scalpel, Sarah's edits have helped highlight the intricacies of my work. My characters are more vivid and my plot more resonant. Thanks!
Sanjiv Behera
Sarah went above and beyond my expectations. Her care and conscientiousness really shine through.
Robert Kennedy
Sarah is an amazingly gifted editor. She immediately focused on what my manuscript needed and taught me how to improve my writing. I strongly recommend her.
Kathleen Walker (The MacGregor Agency)
With Sarah, the editorial communication process I had was insightful, professional, supportive, and respectful--good training for the road ahead.
Chris Rice (Victoria Sanders & Assoc. Agency)
Sarah Cypher is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. ... Her guidance gave me the confidence to go back and revise, and her attention to detail was remarkable.
Jen Knox (San Antonio, Tex.)
Sarah's language skills and insight for story are nearly Jedi, her gentleness with writers is angelic, and her timeliness and commitment to deadlines would inspire FedEx.
Mike Caron (Beaverton, Ore.)
Sarah Cypher has the unique ability to identify how to convert ordinary writing into writing that will grip the reader.
Gary Goldstick, Portland, OR
Sarah Cypher not only improved my novel, she taught me how to be a better writer. She is highly skilled in her craft, and was with me every step of the way.
Daniel Duguay, Ottawa, ON
Sarah Cypher is one of the most intuitively gifted editors of fiction I've encountered.
Jane McCafferty (HarperCollins)
Sarah is an A-1 professional, and always comes up with terrific ideas. There is no other editor with whom I would choose to work.
Stephen Maitland-Lewis (Winner of the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award)
I truly appreciate Sarah’s thorough attention to the work, the time she takes, and her integrity.
Maisie MacKinnon, Oregon City, OR
My first impression of Sarah's comments on my memoir was, 'She gets it.' She helped with character and clarity, but mostly she helped me achieve a more consistent theme throughout.
Liz Alani (Paul S. Levine Literary Agency)
My novel was a bit sprawling and indulgent until Sarah provided the macro-level criticism I needed to streamline the various story arcs and keep the novel flowing.
Mark Radcliffe, New York, NY
The Threepenny Editor was one of the best investments I've made. Thank you for helping me bring my novel up to a higher level. You are amazing!
Robert Hopper, (AEI International)
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